Stand Strong Girls


Activist groups:

Campaigns: One Million Signatures, to end discriminatory laws against women

World Gender Equality Ranking: 75th out of 187 countries (Gender Inequality Index-Human Development Report 2014)

Women in the Workforce: 16.4% (same as above 2012)

Iran is similar to Saudi Arabia in that the Islamic culture of the country in a barrier to women’s rights movements. Although it has a very high level of educated women, 94% having been to school and that 60% of university graduates are women there is still a frighteningly low percentage of women in the workforce. This is because women are forbidden to rise over a certain level in jobs and because they need their male guardian’s permission to work, many women are unable to obtain this.

As in Saudi Arabia the dress code is  strict but is adhered to in different, and frequently stylish, ways . Women must cover up all of their hair and skin except for their face and hands when in public.

Women’s rights in court are a weak point in Iran. Women essentially count for half of a man, this applies to wills, witness accounts and punishment among other things. The age of criminal responsibility is 9 for girls but 15 for boys, which is very unfair. Teenage girls can be forced into marriage age 13, for boys the age is 15. Women also need permission from their husband or father to obtain a passport.

Although there are women’s rights groups working within the country the road to equality will probably be long and hard for them.


Any thoughts?

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