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World Wide Women-new page

I shall shortly be publishing a new page under World Wide Women. As (unintentionally) the other pages were all about mainly Islamic countries, the new page will be about India, which has a mix of Muslims, Hindus and Christians. For this page, I was lucky to be able to conduct an interview with an Indian priest who is currently studying in Ireland. Thus, I had first-hand information to use when writing the page.

My interviewee is a teacher, so the main topic of the page is education, although I have discussed several other issues as well. While I was finding statistics for the page, I updated the other World Wide Women pages. The Gender Equality Ranking is now from the Gender Inequality Index in the Human Development Report 2014, instead of 2013. The women in the workforce percentages have also been updated. They are from the same report, from 2012 findings, which seemed to be the most recent findings currently available.

Anyway, I hope you will check out the page on India soon, and leave a comment if you feel so inclined!



During the last few months, the Saudi Women2drive campaign has been put into action with women around the country taking to the wheel. You may remember that I mentioned this campaign on the Saudi Arabia World Wide Women page. Technically, there is no official law that forbids women from driving in Saudi Arabia but there are no driving licences issued to women in Saudi Arabia. The campaign encourages¬†women in Saudi Arabia with international drivers’ licenses to drive themselves around while running ordinary errands. Some women who have participated in the campaign have published videos of themselves driving or have tweeted about it afterwards. Here is a video promoting the campaign. This was posted up on Youtube by LamaG6. There are lots of other videos about the campaign on Youtube, so it’s well worth having a look!

The campaigners expect that their actions will soon produce a result, as the campaign has been getting a lot of publicity. If you agree with Women2drive, please try to support on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you can think of!

New pages

Sorry to have slacked off from Stand Strong Girls for a while but I’m making up for it now with the beginning of a set of pages called World Wide Women (WWW). These pages will be about women in other countries campaigning for their rights and also about the work of women in ‘equal’ countries to uphold these rights. So please, take a look, there is a page about Saudi Arabia up at the moment but I should have a second page up in the next few weeks!

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