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Driving Dilemmas

I read about this in the paper quite a while ago but forgot to blog about it until now, so it’s probably stale news but I’m going to tell you about it anyway! You have probably read my post about the Women2drive campaign in Saudi Arabia. Well, women in China also seem to be having trouble driving without discrimination. The Beijing police posted up on their Weibo page a list of tips for women drivers entitled ‘Women Drivers Please Take Care To Avoid These Mistakes’. The article gives advice such as: don’t wear high heels when driving, don’t panic after an accident, remember to change gears and don’t forget to release the hand brake.

The article is illustrated with a picture of a women driving a car shaped like a stiletto. The police also think that some women lack a sense of direction when driving and often cannot remember how to get to their destination, even when they have been there several times.

The public response has not been positive with many people commenting on how sexist the advice was. Others pointed out that men also cause car accidents and that it is unfair to point the finger of blame at women. One comment reads ”There are only new and old drivers! No men and women drivers!”



During the last few months, the Saudi Women2drive campaign has been put into action with women around the country taking to the wheel. You may remember that I mentioned this campaign on the Saudi Arabia World Wide Women page. Technically, there is no official law that forbids women from driving in Saudi Arabia but there are no driving licences issued to women in Saudi Arabia. The campaign encourages¬†women in Saudi Arabia with international drivers’ licenses to drive themselves around while running ordinary errands. Some women who have participated in the campaign have published videos of themselves driving or have tweeted about it afterwards. Here is a video promoting the campaign. This was posted up on Youtube by LamaG6. There are lots of other videos about the campaign on Youtube, so it’s well worth having a look!

The campaigners expect that their actions will soon produce a result, as the campaign has been getting a lot of publicity. If you agree with Women2drive, please try to support on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you can think of!

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