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Sexist products (yet again)

Sexist signage

When will designers cotton on?

When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a joke, so ridiculous did it seem. Now that I’ve realised it’s not a joke but a genuine product, I think it’s even more ridiculous, but also unbelievably backward. You would have to have been living in a ditch for the last thirty years to think that this was an appropriate and modern design. The issue of stereotypical toys for young children has been written about so much that seeing these door hangers feels like all of the petitioners and bloggers have been banging their heads against the Berlin and Hadrian’s walls combined. Let me know what you think in the comment box below…



Pink and blue kinder eggs

Recently, Kinder have announced that they will soon launch a new line of Kinder

The new blue and pink Kinder Surprise eggs

The new blue and pink Kinder Surprise eggs

Surprise eggs. The new eggs will come in two colours. Can you guess? Pink and blue. The blue ones contain ‘surprises’ such as spinners and toy cars. The pink eggs are advertised as having ‘Fashion Dolls’ inside. They come in packs of three (so you can have a three pack of pink eggs or a three pack of blue eggs).

Kinder have said that the eggs are not intended to be gender specific but allow parents to choose the eggs they think most suitable for their child. However, anti-sexism groups disagree. Let toys be toys expressed their opinion on their website and they are being strongly supported on Facebook and Twitter.

I think that Kinder made a bad decision here because it will (and already has) be reacted to badly on Facebook and Twitter etc. They are making themselves very open to attack because of their choice of colours for the packaging and the choice of toys to go inside. What do you think? Would you buy the new Kinder Surprise eggs, and if so, what colour would you choose?

An advertisement for the new blue and pink Kinder Surprise eggs

An advertisement for the new blue and pink Kinder Surprise eggs

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