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Small steps or big leaps?

The way that women are treated and depicted has progessed so much over the years but it is still far from perfect. Take the example of the characters in one-year-old Bollywood film Ek Tha Tiger.

This is the advert for the film, notice the James Bond attitude

This is the advert for the film, notice the James Bond attitude

The film’s characters include a female Pakistani secret agent who is very skilled and able to cope during the most difficult missions. And yet you can still see the marks of sexist depiction on her, her hair is long and sleek, her facial details are smooth and well cut and she has a figure to die for. The male agent is also shown in a sexist light, i.e James Bond, guns blaring and full on tough guy. However, the interesting thing is that it is the James Bond act-alike that is weakened by love and not the female agent.

Does the fact that she is there at all make up for the way that she is depicted? In other words, when it comes to equality should and can women be satisfied and proud of small steps and gains? Or should we be getting things perfect first time, examining every small detail that might have an effect? On the other hand, could this just be an effect of the country that the film hails from?  Do all Bollywood films depict women in this way and is it an acceptable thing?

Since this blog post is turning into a page of question marks  I’ll finish now and throw the debate open to comments.


New pages

Sorry to have slacked off from Stand Strong Girls for a while but I’m making up for it now with the beginning of a set of pages called World Wide Women (WWW). These pages will be about women in other countries campaigning for their rights and also about the work of women in ‘equal’ countries to uphold these rights. So please, take a look, there is a page about Saudi Arabia up at the moment but I should have a second page up in the next few weeks!


Pinkstinks is a campaign aimed at changing companies’ and people’s opinions and attitude towards young girls. On the website there is a blog, an online shop and articles on their campaigns. Pinkstinks’ motto is ‘there is more than one way to be girl‘. If you are interested in the topics that this blog covers you might like to have  a look at their website.

Here is the video that is on their homepage:

Pink yoghurt!

A pink Muller yoghurt

A pink Muller yoghurt

Pink yoghurt has come to the supermarket shelves. It has been created by Muller as part of their new children’s range. The packaging is patterned with hearts, pink hearts.

My question to you is this: what do think is the aim behind this type of packaging? On the Muller website there is a statement from a spokesperson saying that these yoghurts have been designed purely for children. What then is the thinking behind the packaging?

To aid your thinking here is another fact. In the same range (Kids Corner) there are packets of ‘Football’ corner yoghurts with football packaging. Is there a sexist issue here or is it just a coincidence? Decide for yourself, and please put your opinions up as comments, I’d really like to know other people’s opinions.

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