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Pinkstinks is a campaign aimed at changing companies’ and people’s opinions and attitude towards young girls. On the website there is a blog, an online shop and articles on their campaigns. Pinkstinks’ motto is ‘there is more than one way to be girl‘. If you are interested in the topics that this blog covers you might like to have  a look at their website.

Here is the video that is on their homepage:


‘Girls’ Games’

The signature icon and title

The signature icon and title

To enforce my last article about ‘girls’ games’ I conducted an examination of the web site The website under examination is one that I visit occasionally but for which I have no real love.

To begin with, the colour scheme is pink. Big surprise! Their signature icon is one of three girls together. Down the side of the homepage there is a bar of all the types of games. A selection of these is as follows: makeover games, make-up games, dress-up games, animal games, princess games, doll games. All very girly sounding.

A selection of the games and the game menu

A selection of the games and the game menu

I admit that there is an adventure games section but even that is limiting. Inside the adventure games category there are the sub-categories: platform games (jump from one platform to another), role-playing games (be a princess) and uphill rush games (this is a mild racing game). Where are the racing, the target and the puzzle games? Gone, poof, replaced by beauty parlour and pet grooming.

Clearly, the creators of the web site think that these types of games will be popular with girls otherwise there would be no point in putting them up. This shows that many adults have a limited view of girls’  likes and dislikes in this area. This is a situation that should be changed. Girls are not all alike just  as boys are not all alike and yet gaming web sites seem to cater more for boys’ differences than for girls’.

I feel that for this situation to be changed more people need to know about this site and others like it. That way people can find different sites to play on and make a definite choice about whether they approve of the ‘pink’ approach to girls and girlhood.

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