Stand Strong Girls


This is a page of songs and poetry with the theme of feminism or women’s rights. I’ve written out the lyrics for some, but where possible there is a Youtube video. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
Stand Strong by Benita Murinda
One wrong will be all it takes,
I am stronger than you say,
Something inside of me too strong to defeat.
You may take my right away but I’m in control of my fate,
See nobody here is blameless we all bleed the same.
As a strong girl I stand,
I ask them all to stand,
Stand strong girls
Stand girls, stand.
With your bullet eye view and your twisted tongue spits,
Leaving our sisters in vain,
Alone and afraid.
We ask them to stand strong,
Stand strong, girls stand,
Stand as one.
In this time of pain your hatred flows like the blood in our veins,
We plead with you to bring our girls home,
But through their pain we ask them to,
Stand strong girls,
Strong Girl by Victoria Kimani, Vanessa Mdee, Arielle T, Gabriela, Judith Sephuma, Waje, Selmor Mtukudzi, Yemi Alade and Blessing

Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls by Anaïs Mitchell

Brave by Sara Bareilles


Video Credits: SaraBareillesVEVO, ONE, Geordie Anaïsfan, with thanks!

Lyrics: Benita Murinda, with thanks!





One thought on “Songs

  1. Katherine Salvador on said:

    I do like this poem…stand strong girls and for girls …Stand for the ones who cannot do it by themselves, at least not yet, as I have hope one day they will.

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